Peshewa Coffee Company was created to bring specialty coffee and education to Kokomo and north central Indiana. 

We started out at the Kokomo Farmer's Market, roasting from our home office on the Huky 500T pictured on the right. Things were great but our demand outgrew our production capabilities. We upgraded to a 10 kilo commercial roaster and had a great run for a few years. Due to many factors, we decided to sell our commercial grade equipment and revert back to our Huky 500T.

We plan on doing small batches starting in 2021 and beyond. 


The name Peshewa comes from the Miami People, meaning wildcat. Specifically, it was the name of Jean Baptiste de Richardville, who was the last well known chief of the Miami People, and was the wealthiest man in Indiana at the time.


The Wildcat Creek, which runs through Kokomo and Howard County, was named after Peshewa, as was Howard County - formerly known as Richardville County. 


We claim no stake with the Miami People or any other tribe. Our name was simply chosen as an homage to Jean Baptiste and the historical connection to our hometown.


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