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Step one

Bring approximately 200 g of water to boil. If you are using a Bona Vita kettle, about half full will do at 205*. 

Weigh out 16 grams of beans and grind to the consistency slightly finer than Kosher salt. This may take a little practice finding the correct grind.

Step two

Place a filter into the included perforated cap.

Place the funnel into your mug and the cap on top of the funnel.

Pour enough water over the filter to saturate it. This does two things; warms your mug, and makes the filter stick to the perforated cap. 

Step three

Assemble the AeroPress. 

Push the plunger in approximately 1/2 inch from the bottom.

Place the assembled Aeropress on a scale. The numbers on the side of the AeroPress should be upside down. 

Step four

Add your ground coffee (16 grams). 

Be careful to keep the grounds clear of the outer ring. 

Tare (zero) your scale.

Step five

Start a timer and pour 32 grams of water over your grounds, making sure to saturate the entire bed.

After a 30 second bloom, pour more water in taking about 10 seconds to do so, leaving about half an inch of space.

Use the provided paddle or a wooden spoon to stir approximately 10 times. 

Fill the chamber to the top. 

Step six

Secure the cap by twisting it into place.

Quickly and carefully flip the whole assembly onto your mug.

Press down on the plunger with some pressure. This should take 30-45 seconds. 

When you hear a hissing noise, you can stop pressing.

Step seven

Take the AeroPress to a trash can and carefully take the cap off. 


You should be left with a "puck" of coffee under the filter. You can pull the filter off and reuse it if youd like. 


Over the trash can plunge the press the rest of the way, clearing the press of all coffee. 


Rinse and let dry for later use!

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The AeroPress is most commonly used in the kitchen, but is small and light enough to travel with. This is one of our favorite brewing methods due to it's ease of use and quality of cup.


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